Jun.-Prof. Dr. Franziska Fay

Juniorprofessor for Anthropology with a Focus on Political Anthropology
Research interests
political processes, childhood and youth, international development and conflict, (Swahili) diaspora and belonging, protection and punishment, Islamic education, infrastructure and memory, linguistic anthropology, visual research methods

Research areas
East Africa (Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya), Arabian Peninsula (Oman)

Persönliche Website: www.franziskafay.com

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Foto © Robert Schittko, 2021


The Indian Ocean World Podcast | Indian Ocean World Center, McGill University, October 2022
Podcast „Denkanstoß Demokratie“– Landeszentrale Politische Bildung Rheinland-Pfalz
New RMU Research Network
New Article

Fay, F. (2022) Ordinary Childhoods and Everyday Islamic Practices of Protection and Care in Zanzibar. Journal of the British Academy, 10(s2), 175-197.

New Article
JGU Magazin | Köpfe/Faces | 10. März 2022

“Disciplined empathy as an important tool in highly political times”



New Article

Rearing Like the State: Belonging, Child Rearing and Greeting in Zanzibar. In: Across the Waves: Strategies of Belonging in Indian Ocean Island Societies. Ed. by Iain Walker and Marie-Aude Fouéré. Leiden/Boston: Brill (2022).


New Article
Book Launch for „Disputing Discipline: Child Protection, Punishment and Piety in Zanzibar Schools (Rutgers UP 2021)”
Presentation at SOAS BARAZA: Swahili Studies Conference 2021, SOAS, London

Ufeminia: Translating Feminist Politics in Tanzania
(in English and Swahili, 29.10.2021)

Workshop „TAFSIRI: Siasa ya Kutafsiri na Kujikwamua kutoka kwenye Ukoloni katika Taaluma ya Kiswahili / Politics of Translation and Decolonisation in Swahili Studies“
New Article
Ukatazaji wa Watoto na Ulinzi wa Mtoto, in Reimagining Childhood Studies, 23rd June 2021;
(in English): Children’s Refusal and Child Protection
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Franziska Fay über FIRST von Onur Gökmen
Wissenschaftlicher Videobeitrag für tinyBE von dem Mitglied des Forschungsverbunds „Normative Ordnungen“ Jun.-Prof. Dr. Franziska Fay (ehemalige Postdoktorandin des Forschungsverbunds „Normative Ordnungen“)
New Book
Podcast Episode with the Anglo-Omani Society, London, UK, 15.02.2021
Visiting Research Fellow on the Oman Research Grant at the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO), Berlin

Young Swahili-speakers in Oman and the ‘Zanzibar Diaspora’” (in English, 26.01.2021)

Waswahili (Vijana) wa Oman na Dhana ya ‘Zanzibar Diaspora’” (in Swahili, Baraza la Kiswahili la Berlin, 26.11.2020)

Interview (Pt I and Pt II) with UK SWAHILI CHANNEL (Kioo Cha Jamii), 1.8.2020

Interview about child protection and corporal punishment in Zanzibar (in Swahili)

Ulinzi wa mtoto na upigaji bakora” (pt. 1)

Workshop organized as part of the Postdoctoral Dialogue Series at the Research Centre Normative Orders at Goethe University Frankfurt, 24.01.2020

Looking at and Seeing Beyond Young People’s Photographs of ‘Child Protection’ in Zanzibar. MAT – Medicine Anthropology Theory Vol 6(4): 80-100 (2019).