Associated doctoral students

Riccardo Andreozzi (Egyptology)
Cultural exchanges in the botanical and pharmaceutical field in Greek-roman Egypt

Christoph Appel (Classical Philology)
Wound Edges. Greek-Roman Figurations of Injury between Medical and Literary-Aesthetic Discourse

Laura Borghetti (Byzantine Studies)
Concepts of Winds in Byzantium from the 9th to the 11th Century. A Study on the Literary Depictions of a Meteorological Phenomenon

Francisco José Gómez Blanco (Classical Archaeology)
The arena at home: Concepts of the body and violence in mosaic depictions of amphitheater events in the Roman Empire

Shahrzad Irannejad (Pharmaceutical Biology)
Localization of the Avicennean inner senses in a Hippocratic body

Jessica Knebel (Egyptology)
Studies on concepts of fire in Ancient Egypt

Marie-Charlotte von Lehsten (Classical Philology)
Concepts of night in archaic and classical Greek literature

Aleksandar Milenković (Classical Philology)
Concepts of visual perception in Greek scientific thought from the 5th century BC to the 2nd century AD.

Oxana Polozhentseva (German Language and Literature Studies)
Dead bodies: Semantics of the mortal / transient in the German Medieval Texts

Nathalie Julia Rodriguez de Guzman (Classical Archaeology)
Konzepte vom toten Körper in der römischen Bildkunst von der späten Republim bis zur mittleren Kaiserzeit

Jonny Russell (Egyptology)
The Theory of Healing in Ancient Egypt: The Biophysical and Cultural Realities of Healing Practices from the Nile Valley during the Late Second Millennium BCE

Letizia Savino (Ancient Near Eastern Studies)
Medicine and Physicians Abroad. Circulation of Experts and Expertise in the Second millennium BCE in the Ancient Near East.

Sonja Speck (Egyptology)
Origins and development of Ancient Egyptian body concepts in Pre- and Early Dynastic anthropomorphic sculpture.

Benny Waszk (Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology)
Access to the built environment. Perception of space at the early neolithic Göbli Temple.

Katharina Zartner (Near Eastern Archaeology)
Protector of the herds, opponent of the wilderness, Lord of the animals. An investigation into the figure of the hero with six curls.