The RTG's core faculty comprises 10 professors of Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Near Eastern Archaeology, Classical Philology, Classical Archaeology, Middle High German, Byzantine Studies, and Medical History.

During the period of the RTG (9 years) a total of 35 doctoral students and 2 post-docs will be funded by the German Research Foundation as "wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter". At any one time, there will be twelve funded positions. In addition, other doctoral students with external funding will form part of the group. They will have the same rights and responsibilities as those paid by DFG and take part in the same programme of study, the only difference being the source of funding.

A considerable number of associated faculty and institutes provide additional support for our graduate programme. You can find a list of all cooperating institutes and partners here.

During the second funding period, the RTG invites scholars from outside each term for two days. Furthermore, a total of two Mercator-Fellows will be integrated for an extended stay in Mainz to work with our graduates students.

Administrative support for all members of the RTG is provided by an extra member of staff in charge of coordinating our work.