Sport medical consultation

Prevention is a general term in the health care system for targeted measures and activities to avoid diseases or health impairment, to reduce the risk of the disease or to delay its development. Preventive measures can be assigned to primary, secondary or tertiary prevention. Primary prevention aims to reduce risk factors through a health-oriented lifestyle in order to prevent the development of common diseases. These diseases include diabetes mellitus type 2, musculoskeletal disorders, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases (e.g. myocardial infarction), as well as psychological disorders (e.g. depression). Secondary prevention refers to the early detection of a disease in order to achieve therapy as early as possible. The aim of tertiary prevention is to prevent relapses, exacerbation and consequential impairment of existing diseases. Tertiary prevention mainly corresponds to rehabilitation. Rehabilitative measures are primarily intended to restore the threatened or impaired participation and performance of patients (see BMG, 2019).

In the outpatient clinic of the Sports Medicine Department, you will receive detailed advice on how to make your life more health-conscious based on the comprehensive diagnostics. Depending on your state of health, this counselling is based on the goals of prevention and rehabilitation.

If you want to have your training scientifically based under the magnifying glass or if you are a beginner in sports and need tips and advice for a training adapted to your life situation, we will be happy to advise you. Our team of sports scientists and sports medicine doctors will work with you to design and/or improve a meaningful way of training. The results of a medical stress examination form the basis of the compilation of individual training pulse ranges (see Medical Stress Examination).
Medical stress examination

  • Explanation of the results of the medical examinations
  • Individual recommendations for your health maintenance and recovery
  • Optimization of your training planning