Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Perikles Simon Head of Department

Tel.: +49 (0)6131 - 39 25 586
Room: 00 158(VG)
Office hours: Do 10:00-11:00h and by appointment via


Research focus

I am interested in the development of diagnostic and prognostic markers for healthy aging and the molecular mechanisms that effectively mediate exercise based beneficial effects on well-being. Most of my publications relate to the field of Exercise and Public Health with a focus on the following three fields: 1. Healthy Aging, 2. Molecular Exercise Physiology, and 3. Doping analysis, epidemiology and prevention.

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Intellectual Property


Simon P, Himmelreich R: "Cell free DNA amplification" (F58373 DE) 102018222357.2


Simon P: "Detection of transgenic DNA (tDNA)", PCT/EP2007/003385 (5402P366)


Simon P: "Nachweis von transgener DNA (tDNA)", Schutzrecht DE 10 2006 021 257.6 (5402P366)

Research Awards, Honors and honorary assignments (selection)


“Werner-Staehler-Gedächtnispreis“ Urology


„Ludolf-Krehl-Preis“ General Internal Medicine


Member of the Gene Doping Panel at the World Anti-Doping Agency

since 2010

Invited expert of the German Ministry of Health and the Sports Committee of the German Parliament

since 2012

Member of the Group of Experts of the European Commission for Doping in Recreational Sports


Member of the Group of Experts for Doping Prevalence in Elite Sports

since 2014

Editorial Board Member of the Journal Sports Medicine


Member of the Evaluation Commission for Sports Medicine in Freiburg

since 2016

Head of the Ethics Commission of the Faculty of Social Science Media and Sports at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mayence



MD University of Tübingen, 3rd state examination and license to practice medicine


PhD in Molecular Neurobiology from the International Max Planck Research School for Neural and Behavioural Sciences, Tübingen


Certificate for University Lecturers of the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts

Professional Experience


MD-thesis at the Laboratory of Prof. Solon Thanos, University of Tübingen and University of Münster, Germany


Visiting scientist at the laboratories of Prof. Dreyer and Prof. Bennett (Molecular and Cellular Engineering), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA


Internship at the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Tübingen


Scientific and administrative coordination of a 60 Mio.€ DFG grant proposal “Man-Machine Interface and Biomorphic Systems” for the University of Tübingen


Postdoctoral Fellow and lecturer at the Department of Ophthalmology and the Institute for Brain Research, University of Tübingen


Head of the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the Medical Clinic, Department for Sports Medicine, University of Tübingen with a clinical focus on Exercise Pysiology and Physical Fitness Testing.


Call to the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz, Germany as a Full Professor / Heading the Division of Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Disease Prevention


Received and refused call to the University of Paderborn, Germany as a Tenured Full Professor (W3)

Since 2009

Head of the Division of Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Disease Prevention at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz


Received and refused call the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia as a Full Professor for Exercise Science at the School of Medical Sciences.

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