JGU Unipublikationsliste: Publication lists from the university bibliography

The shortcode [publikationsliste] enables you to display publication lists from the university bibliography on your WordPress pages.

Displaying publication lists

With the parameter Author you determine the person whose publications should be displayed:
[publikationsliste author="Nachname, Vorname"]

We recommend to apply also the shortcode suchart="exakt" that ensures that only those results appear on the publication list whose spelling corresponds exactly to the authors name:

Only one author can be chosen for each shortcode. If you need several lists with different authors to appear on your page you have to use additional shortcodes for each author.

The following additional codes might be useful in order to control the content on your page:

Using the parameter format allows you to control how the publication list will be displayed

chart: [publikationsliste format="Tabelle"]

list: [publikationsliste format="Liste"]

Also the language of your publication list can be changed with the parameter lang:

[publikationsliste lang="de"] or [publikationsliste lang="en"]

Furthermore, you can structure your list with the parameter sort according to the following criteria:

  • art_jahr = According to type of document divided by year of publication
  • jahr_art = According to year of publication divided by type of document
  • jahr_titel = According to year of publication divided by title
  • titel = Divided by titles

For example: [publikationsliste sort="art_jahrl"]

The default setting sorts the publications according to type of document divided by year of publication. This will automatically applied a criteria if no other option has been chosen.

Please note: If you use the code author make sure to write all name parts correct according to the spelling in the list of persons from the university bibliography (Link: http://unibibliografie.ub.uni-mainz.de/opus/personenliste.php?la=de ).

Registering publications in the university bibliography

You can enter your publications in the university bibliography on the following page:


It is also possible to import complete publication lists.
Regarding any questions you can contact the staff of the university library (UB).


The publication list below is an example for the result of the following shortcode: [publikationsliste author="Krausch, Georg" format="Liste" sort="titel"] .


Check the university bibliography