JGU Tools: User Tools

Manage the Editors of your WordPress Project.

In the dashboard menu, go to 'JGU Tools -> Users'. If you see something like the screenshot below, which says that users for this blog are still being centrally managed by the data center, you may send us an enquiry to enable you to administer the users for this blog within its own user group, members of which you may add or delete yourself:







Once the blog has its own user group (this can only be set up by the administrators at the data center), under 'JGU Tools -> Users' you will see something as simple as this:


You may then simply add or delete anybody with an account at the JGU, as described below:

First: User account self management

custom-user-import-01In your web browser, open https://account.uni-mainz.de. You may choose "English" in upper right corner as a submenu of your name.

Choose your blog rights group under "access rights" - "other memberships":




Manage the List via the Grand permissions and Revoke permissions buttons.

Second step: import userlist in WordPress

After you have changed the group membership in https://account.uni-mainz.de, in your WordPress dashboard, under 'JGU-Tools -> Users', simply press the button 'Update user list':


The list of users will be imported. New group members will be added and removed members will be deleted from the list of blog editors. You cannot remove yourself from the list.