JGU Toc: Table of Content made easy

Your page should have a table of content if the content is longer than visible on a smartphone. Creating one is easy with the Shortcode: [toc]

Choose from a horizontal or a vertical Table of Content

How does ist work?

Put Headings in your page and

at the beginning. Save and view the page. Done!

Change the title

[toc title="Das ist die Überschrift des Inhaltsverzeichnisses"]

Change the depth

[toc depth="1"] only the topmost level will be shown

Bullet points

[toc listtype="ul"]

No totop Links after each Heading

[toc totop="Off"]

Additional Links to the top of the page

  [totop] .

Errors (empty or missing headings)

Do not use parameters in the Heading! Only plain: <h1>

Horizontal Table of Content

Usefol for A-Z like this: A | B | C in  'Waagerechte Inhaltsverzeichnisse'.