JGU Content Blocks

Sometimes it can be helpful to write certain parts of your content once and package them into a 'box' which may then be re-used in any number of posts/pages inside your project - so that you don't have to re-write that content in every post/page.

This is now possible using JGU Content Blocks: a plugin which will be activated on request (mail to webmaster@uni-mainz.de metioning the blog address) together with the plugin JGU Content Box. When the plugin has been activated for your blog you will find the menu item 'Content Blocks' in your dashboard menu:


Here, you can create new content blocks:


Editing works exactly the same way as in posts and pages.

The only difference: Content blocks do not get published as independent pages (and will not be found as separate content in full text WordPress searches), but may be embedded into any other post/page as a content box. All that is needed for embedding is the ID of a content block. You will find this ID while editing the content block within the box 'Element ID' (if this is not being displayed in your dashboard, try activating 'Element ID' under 'Screen Options' at the top of your dashboard.):


The content block seen in the example above may be embedded into every other page/post by using the following shortcode: [box id="2983"]

Content blocks can only be embedded into posts and pages, not into other content blocks.