JGU Content Layout – Accordions

Example and use of an Accordion

Switch on the  Plugin JGU Content Layout!

Search Engines define the content of accordions as unimportant!

So use it as a structure element but place SEO-relevant information in a separate page!


Try our demo  → JGU Content Layout Accordion


Search the Accordion

You even search the invisible parts! This is important for your visitors. They enter your page via a search engine. Then they do not see what they searched. Even the search included in the browser fails.

This is the moment for the accordion search.

You may switch the search off, like this: [jgu_content_layout searchbar="Off"]

Shortcode jgu_content_layout

Use the Shortcode [jgu_content_layout] as a bracket around the accordion  [/jgu_content_layout] .


Example: [jgu_content_layout display="accordion"]...[/jgu_content_layout]

Parameter (optional):

  1. Parameter:searchbar
    Funktion: Suchfeld ausblenden
    Möglicher Wert: Off
    Beispiel: [jgu_content_layout display="accordion"searchbar="Off"]...[/jgu_content_layout]


Shortcode jgu_content_layout_item

This is the inner bracket, the Shortcode [jgu_content_layout_item] [/jgu_content_layout_item]

Configure with these Parameters:

  1. title
    Beispiel: [jgu_content_layout_item title="Test"]Example-Text[/jgu_content_layout_item]
  2. color
    Color of the  Blocks
    Possible Values: grey (default), success (green), info (blue), warning (orange), danger (red) and white (no-background)
    (siehe http://holdirbootstrap.de/css/#helper-classes-colors)
    Example: [jgu_content_layout_item color="info"]Example-Text[/jgu_content_layout_item]
    Example white background: [jgu_content_layout_item color="no-background".]Example-Text[/jgu_content_layout_item]
  3. status
    Function: open some accordion folds
    Possible Values: close (default) or open
    You may set as many folds to open  as you like
    Example: [jgu_content_layout_item status="open"]Example-Text[/jgu_content_layout_item]