Presenting in English – The successful international presentation

Content Do you speak to international audiences? This seminar will provide essential criteria for excellent presentations in an international setting. Apart from quick content inputs by the trainer, this seminar will focus on your 5-10 minute presentations followed by high-level feedbacks, including video analyses. Please bring a presentation of your choice! You can deliver it without material, by PowerPoint, as poster and/or on whiteboard.

You will be stimulated by input quickies, many practical exercises, impromptu presentations and video feedbacks. You will also learn from the best speakers around the world, including brief analyses of TED talks.
InstructorStephen Wagner
No. of participants:15 participants
With the acceptance you will receive an invitation link with instructions for use. No registration is required.
DateMonday, September 29th, 09 am - 05 pm, Monday, October 4th, 09 am- 05 pm

This event is offered in cooperation with the FORTHEM Alliance of JGU.

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