Job ads

You can find job ads in many places: online, in search engines, social networks or on field-specific sites, or offline, in magazines, newspapers or even still on blackboards on campus, depending on the field and what kind of employment you look for. We therefore advise to research where jobs are published that you are interested in. The Career Service also offers an online portal that contains many vacancies from Mainz but also afar (in German):

Usually, a job ad contains the following elements:

  • short introduction of the company (location, sector, size, awards, ...)
  • kind of employment (short- or long-term, internship, traineeship, etc.)
  • precise name of position
  • location
  • place in the company hierarchy
  • department
  • tasks and responsibilities
  • work conditions
  • formal qualifications (degrees and certificates)
  • competencies
  • benefits
  • start of employment
  • desired form of application (e-mail or online form)
  • contact information

The mass of requirements can be discouraging but it is worth having a closer look. Keep in mind that companies look for the ideal candidate. If you yourself believe that you can fulfill the major tasks of the job description, explain why you think so in your cover letter. Always remember: you cannot lose a job you do not have. Thus, apply if you fulfill about 60% of the requirements.