Career Entry in Germany

If you plan to start your Career in Germany after you graduate, there a some challenges for international students. But don't worry: With some preparation, your career entry can be very smooth!

In general, the unemployment rate of migrants is a bit higher than average but if you have a look at university graduates, the difference is almost non-existant. This means that if you have a university degree, your chances to find a job in Germany are quite good! However, there are some obstacles that you must tackle.


Although many German companies have international business partners and clients, most companies look for candidates that speak German fluently. Especially if you want to have a long-term career in Germany, we strongly recommend that you learn German as fast as possible. This will broaden your options on the job market immensely.

If you want to learn German, you can take German courses at JGU. Furthermore, we highly recommend that you meet Germans and talk to locals. It's the best way to learn a language! There are many ways to get in contact with other students, and some are even on campus: There are many student organizations waiting for you to join them as well as sport teams.

There are many tools available online to improve your language skills. Pick the way which suits you best!


If you want to work in Germany, you might need a Visa. You can find all the necessary information online:

Work experience

In contrast to some other countries, a university degree is not enough to get a job. Employers usually ask for job experience in related fields. Therefore, it is mandatory to do internships, volunteer work or student jobs besides university.

If you consider an internship oder work, please make sure that you have the right visa!

Application standards

Employers expect a certain standard in applications that are different from country to country. If you apply for a job in Germany, you should therefore know how applications work in Germany. We have provided to most important information here as well as the way the Career Service can support you in your application process.

Further Information

The Federal Employment Agency offers many useful information on your options for a career entry.