Know yourself – improve personality and communication

Content The aim of the workshop Know yourself - improve personality and communication is to make communication in various situations more successful. With the help of a personality analysis tool you will determine the characteristics and behavioral patterns that significantly shape your personality. You will also recognize your individual strengths, non-strengths and weak points. Subsequently you will appear more convincing as well as understand and appreciate yourself and others better. As a result, discover and eliminate disruptive communication patterns. Hence, communicate more effectively.
In addition, you will learn to apply the knowledge of communication psychology, in order to make conversations and negotiations more successful and more goal-oriented.
The workshop is structured around a plenum presentation (mainly focused on the methods and theoretical background), followed by role play, partner/ individual work, reflection phases, and team presentations to the whole group.
InstructorClaudia Fritsch (M.A., psycholinguist) has been working as a communications consultant and coach with international leadership teams for 25 years. She has also been holding EU seminars for the Federal Foreign Office for 12 years. A Training as a business coach and a certification for the DiSC profile and the Reiss Motivation Profile complement her academic training. Her personal motivation and endeavor is to contribute to the success of others and to raise awareness of the effect language(s) has/have on your mind and communication.
No. of participants:25 participants
With the acceptance you will receive an invitation link with instructions for use. No registration is required.
DateTuesday, September 28th and Wednesday, September 29th, 10 am - 5:00 pm

This event is offered in cooperation with the FORTHEM Alliance of JGU.

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