Digital Science Pitch for Successful Online Networking

Content Two major online training days will be complemented by a preliminary onboarding for ideal preparation you will receive five days in advance. It will also include teamwork between the two workshop days to deepen your online networking skills. A brief follow-up four weeks after the workshop will guide you the way ahead for successful online networking.

The major goal is the ability to present your expertise and your research project to the point with your Digital Science Pitch in Online Networking Events. The workshop includes the following parts:

1. From Small Talk to Big Talk: Break the Online Ice – Establish Personal Online Connections
This is about your motivation, your “Why” and your positioning. You quickly switch from indirect small talk to personal big talk about interesting topics that really matter.

2. Storytelling for Scientists: Match your Goals with your Target Group
Know the needs of your target group through careful analysis and the right verbal style. This is the basis of your science story: Skillfully communicate your expertise and your project.

3. Provide added Value to People you are talking to in the Digital Online World
Communicate real benefit for the people you are talking to online and provide them with a specific solution. You work out your unique selling proposition (USP) and learn how to use an
attractive call to induce a specific follow-up action.

4. Stay flexible with Digital Science Pitch Variations
Using well-known examples from the advertising industry, you break down your Digital Science Pitch to one sentence or a single word.

This seminar includes videos, online surveys, networking based on breakout sessions and
teamwork, application of online tools (e.g. Padlet), short quizzes and debriefing sessions.
You will receive qualified feedback for all your Digital Science Pitches. You can apply your pitches at networking events such as offline and online science conferences, to present your research project, and in online job interviews.
InstructorDr. Stephen Wagner has been working as a trainer and presentation coach at the domains of
science – business – international since 2015. He previously worked as a geographer and natural
scientist in research projects worldwide. His motto: “Presentation is Fascination”.
No. of participants:15 participants
With the acceptance you will receive an invitation link with instructions for use. No registration is required.
DateWednesday, September 29th, 09 am - 05 pm, Wednesday, October 6th, 09 am - 05 pm

This event is offered in cooperation with the FORTHEM Alliance of JGU.

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