CONFERENCE Different Shades of White: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Albinotic Body, 6.-8. SEP 2018

At this conference organized by the project group ALBINISM, participants present papers that discuss albinism in historical, social, aesthetic and/or political perspective. We are interested in the varying perception, performance, representation, framing and treatment of albinism across different times and in several locales. How does the presentation of albinism differ in medicine, art photography, fictional literature or in the humanities and social sciences? The conference brings together experts from inside and outside academia to foster dialog and exchange about practical, political, artistic and scholarly perspectives.

In addition to lectures and presentations, the conference also comprises a World Café session for all participants. An exhibition of photographs and videos by several international artists portraying persons with albinism complements the conference.

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Different Shades of White. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Albinotic Body
6.-8. September 2018, JGU Campus
Conference language: English
Organizers: Matthias Krings, Susanne Kathrin Hoff, Christopher Hohl