Project THEATER (Phase 2)

Theatre between the Reproduction and Transgression
of Physical Individual Differentiation

The project is focused on the paradoxical tension of theatre between reproduction and the transgression of physical individual differentiation regarding the entire practice complex daily (re)producing institutionalised German straight theatre – consisting of drama schools, artists’ agencies, playhouses and audiences. In terms of phenomena, individual differentiation by gender and ethnicity is of interest, however combined with other aspects of physical human differentiation like (playing) age, impairment and attractiveness. These physical differentiation marks are meant to be overcome theatrically on stage. Beyond this transgression promise of theatrical staging, individual physical features are not professionally disregarded. They represent, on the contrary, the main characteristics of functional requirements as far as habitualised practices of employment, ensembles and performance by the producing actors of the theatre are concerned. Beyond the contextual contingency of gender and ethnicity of the single performance, the focus of the project is put on the analysis of these specific constellations of conditions in traditional German straight theatre from a comparative angle, on the differences that emerge and are resolved in the course of the production of art and artists.

Friedemann Kreuder, Prof. Dr. (coordination) / Ellen KobanHanna Voss