Sponsors and Supporters

A warm thank you goes to all those who have helped support the endowed professorship:

The Boehringer family

Ms Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose

Ms Margarethe Langen – in memory of her late husband, Prof. Dr. Dietrich Langen, the first professor of Psychotherapy and Medical Psychology (1965–1980) at the University of Mainz

Stiftungsfonds Commerzbank
Commerzbank AG, Mainz branch

Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Bank
in the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Association of Benefactors for German Science)

City of Mainz

Hyatt Regency Mainz

Why make a donation?

In future, the university will be forced to rely increasingly on private donations to maintain and improve its standard of service. Introducing the endowed professorship was a step in this direction. Until now, the endowed professorship was still financed to a large extent from donations. In the medium-term, however, all costs are to be covered by the foundation's capital.

Are you interested in supporting science, education, and culture and making a valuable contribution to the continuing development of the University of Mainz?

Here is some information on how you can support the "Johannes Gutenberg endowed professorship" and what the benefits are for you. If you would like to support the work of the foundation and maybe become a sponsor, the members of the board are on hand for a personal consultation.

Your contribution is tax-deductible as an incidental expenditure under tax law and, as a particular advantage, the capital donated by you is preserved. The name of the person or institution making the donation remains permanently linked with the foundation.

If you donate an amount over 50,000 euros, you can become a member of the board of trustees and play an active part in the work of the foundation