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Friedemann Schrenk is Professor of Paleobiology at the Institute for Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity at Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main and head of the Paleoanthropology division at the Senckenberg Research Institute. He is a member of the Board of the Center for Interdisciplinary African Studies (ZIAF) at Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main and the Review Board Geology and Paleontology of the German Research Foundation (DFG). He is Chair of the Board of the Uraha Foundation Germany, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Uraha Foundation Malawi.


The road to Homo sapiens and "Out of Africa" represent the focus of the lecture series to be given by the internationally renowned paleoanthropologist and dedicated communicator of scientific knowledge in the summer semester 2012. The lecture series will detail the evolution of man from his early beginnings to the present and will use this as background to discuss the scientific concepts, methods, and conceptual history of paleoanthropology. The question of the origin of man is a key to our self-understanding