Lecture series 2004: Environmental policy without borders: the basis for peaceful development in this world

Lecture series with colloquia

In this lecture series with an international focus, Klaus Töpfer addresses the issue of a sustainable global environmental policy. Mastering environmental problems and fighting poverty are key requirements for long-term peaceful co-existence. In order to achieve sustainable development and economic growth, ecological and economic aspects must go hand in hand. The topic of the lecture series is based on the action plan from the Johannesburg Summit in 2002. In ten public evening events, Klaus Töpfer and his guest speakers will discuss problem areas such as fighting poverty, changes in consumer and production habits, responsible use of natural resources as a basis for economic and social development, emissions and climate change or bio diversity and cultural diversity.

Klaus Töpfer
Montag • 3. Mai • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

Klaus Töpfer
Montag • 10. Mai • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

Klaus Töpfer
Montag • 17. Mai • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

mit Gastredner Partha Dasgupta (Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge)
Montag • 24. Mai • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

mit Gastredner Børge Brende (Umweltminister Norwegens)
Montag • 7. Juni • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

mit Gastredner V. (Ram) Ramanathan (Professor of Applied Ocean Sciences; Director,
Center for Atmospheric Sciences, University of California, San Diego)
Einführung durch Prof. Paul Crutzen (Mainz)
Montag • 14. Juni • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

Streitgespräch zwischen Klaus Töpfer und Bjørn Lomborg
(Director of EAI, Environmental Assessment Institute, Dänemark)
Montag • 21. Juni • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

mit Gastredner Richard Leakey (Kenya)
Montag • 5. Juli • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

mit Gastredner Achim Steiner (Director General of IUCN,
The World Conservation Union, Gland)
Montag • 12. Juli • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

Podiumsdiskussion: Klaus Töpfer und Gäste
Montag • 19. Juli • 18.15–20.30 Uhr

Hörsaal RW1 • Neubau Recht und Wirtschaft • Jakob-Welder-Weg 9