Conference Registration

Please use the registration form to enter your details. The registration is open until 13th of october.Poster Rurality.indd Version 3Poster Rurality.indd Version 3Poster_Rurality.indd_Version_3_klein

The registration will be accepted after you transfer the conference fee:

Please transfer 50 € to the following account. Please enter for reason for payment your name and the following number: 1526.0160.8917

Account details for international guests:

  • Payee: University of Bamberg
  • Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank Filiale Regensburg
  • IBAN: DE84750000000074301530


Account details for German guests:

  • Empfänger: Universität Bamberg
  • Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank Filiale Regensburg
  • Konto: 74301530
  • BLZ: 750 000 00


We will send you a receipt to confirm your payment.