Our computer pool

The quantum-chemical calculations performed in this working group necessitate the use of the
highest level of computing resources. In order to provide this we have installed a Linux cluster
with Rocks (CentOS).

We are using the following operating systems

48 Intel Xeon Nodes with 972 Cores, 26 TB Memory and 224 TB Disk
from that 3 GPU-Server with Nividia Tesla K80

9 Intel Xeon Server (master server, file server, software server, licence server, web server)

Additionally we provide

15 MacBook Pro to be used for practical training courses

The workstations of the diploma/bachelor/master and PhD students are also equipped with
Apple Macbooks Pro

The applied operating systems are:

Ubuntu Linux
SuSe Linux
Red Hat Linux
Rocks Cluster (CentOS)
Windows 11
Mac OS X

The cluster is devided into two rooms in our new building, each equipped to the latest standards with
5 water-cooled server racks.