17.09.2018 Cyano 2018: 3rd Early Career Research Symposium on Cyanobacteria

Anne, Benedikt and Carmen were off to the Cyano 2018 symposium in Freiburg from the 12th to the 14th of September. This conference was organized by and especially for young researchers in the field of cyanobacteria. It covered various topics from rock-inhabitating coccoids from serbia to the cytoskeletal network in Anabeana. Besides really interesting talks and discussions at the poster sessions, there was some time to enjoy the great view from the Schlossberg of Freiburg.


27.08.2018 Welcome Maximilian!

Welcome to our new F2-intern Maximilian! Enjoy your time here, good luck with the QCM!


01.08.2018 New PhD-student!

Sabine has a master in BMC from Mainz and is just starting her PhD in our group. Welcome back!


16.07.2018 Welcome Veronika!

We have a new bachelor student! Welcome Veronika, enjoy your time here!


09.07.2018 FEBS Congress 2018

Stefanie is off to the 43rd FEBS congress in prague from the 7th to the 12th of July. She is enjoying the nice scientific atmosphere and gaining a lot of new input for her research.


















03.07.2018 First European Congress on Photosythesis Research

Benedikt, Ruven and Dirk Schneider went to the First European Congress on Photosynthesis Research ePS-1 in Uppsala from the 25th to the 28th of June. Benedikt was invited to give a short presentation about his poster.
They all enjoyed the nice atmosphere on the Campus Ultuna of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
This conference is organized under the auspices of the International Society for Photosynthesis Research and is intended to run every four years.


02.07.2018 Welcome Kevin!

Kevin just started working on his bachelor thesis. Welcome and enjoy your time here!


15.06.2018 AK presentation

Today we presented our research interests to the other groups from the Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. Stefanie, Margareta, Ruven und Benedikt gave a talk about their projects and recent results.
Afterwards we had a nice get-together with beer and pretzels.


03.05.2018 GDCh Mainz-Wiesbaden: 7th AK-Symposium

Today we were part of the 7th AK-Symposium for students, organized by the GDCh JCF Mainz-Wiesbaden. Prof. Dirk Schneider gave a talk about our research interests and our PhD-students Isabel and Carmen represented our group at the poster session.


19.04.2018/26.04. 2018 Congratulations to Jenny and Ruven for the successfull PhD graduation

In April two of our PhD students successfully defended their PhD thesis.
Jennifer Heidrich was working on the IM30 protein from Synechocystis. In her thesis she was analyzing interactions of IM30 with negativlely charged membranes and magnesium ions. These investigations  now increase the knowledge about the IM30-mediated membrane fusion.
Ruven Jilly was working on Dynamin-like proteins in Synechocystis that are potentially involved in the dynamics of the thylakoid membrane. He was able to identify several potential DLPs in the genome from Synechocystis. For one of those potential DLPs he could prove GTPase activity, nucleotide-depdendent oligomerization and interaction with membranes with in vitro investigations.
Congratulation to both of you!
We are proud of your great work during the last years and wish you all the best for your future work!













24.04.2018 Life Science Meeting Mainz

Today Margareta, Kristin, Stefanie, Isabel and Carmen joined the 3rd Life Science Meeting Mainz, formerly known as BioChem Symposium. All of them were also part of the organizing team which recently founded the juniorGMB Mainz.At this meeting, there were talks from PhD students of 10 different groups from the biology and chemistry of the JGU Mainz and a guest speaker from the Leipzig University.
From our group Carmen was giving a talk about the IM30-mediated membrane fusion.


11.04.2018 Transport Colloquium  2018 in Raiuschholzhausen

8 PhD students form our group participated at the 11th Transport Colloquium from 11th to 13th April 2018 in Raiuschholzhausen. Ruven and Benedikt were invited to give a talk about their work on the SynDLP and IM30 protein from Synechocystis.
We enjoyed the nice atmosphere at the castle and gained a lot of new input at the talk and poster sessions. We are already looking to the next Transport Colloquium 2020.


04.04.2018 FEBS bursary for Stefanie

Stefanie recieves a FEBS bursary for the 43rd FEBS congress in prague. Congratulations!


01.04.2018 Welcome to our new PhD students Anne and Isabel!

We have two new co-workers: Anne and Isabel just started working on their PhD-thesis.
Anne has a master in biology from Mainz and will work on potential magnesium transporters in Synechocystis. Isabel did her master in toxicology at the University of Darmstadt and is know investigating membrane interactions of special compounds.
Welcome in our group! We wish you all the best for thesis!










01.03.2018 Welcome Jonas!

We have two new students in our group, both named Jonas for a bachelor and a master thesis, respectively.Welcome and good luck!

02.01.2018 Welcome to our new Bachelor student Lukas

Lukas just started his bachelor thesis in our group. Enjoy your time here!



09.10.2017 Symposium on Membrane Transport in Frankfurt

Margareta Trefz and Stefanie Pannwitt joined the Symposium New Horizons in Membrane Transport and Communication (4th to 6th October 2017) at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. They presented their work on the aquaglyceroporin GlpF and RNA-membrane-interactions with posters.










01.09.2017 Welcome Kristin!









We have a new PhD Student in our group. Kristin will work on the bacterial ABC-transporter BmrA.


10.07.2017 Congratulation to our Bachelor students

Vivian and Larissa just submitted their bachelor thesis. Congratulations!


01.07.2017 New Diploma student

Peter just started working on his diploma thesis in our group. Welcome!


10.04.2017 First BioChem Symposium 2017

Our group was part of the first BioChem-Symposium at the JGU Mainz, which was held on 10th April 2017. It was initiated by groups of the Institute of Molecular Physiology and the Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. This was a great chance for PhD-students to present their work to other groups from the JGU and get new input for their research. From our group, Stefanie Pannwitt and Margareta Trefz presented their projects in a talk. We all enjoyed the nice atmosphere and the alumnus talk by Dr. Christoph Dockter from the CarlsbergReserach Laboratory. We are already looking forward to the next symposium in october, which will be organized by our group and the group of Prof. Ute Hellmich.












21.12.2016 New Master of Science

Carmen Siebenaller has just submitted her Master thesis. Congratulations and good luck for your PhD thesis!


12.10.2016 Cyano group at the FIRST YOUNG INVESTIGATOR SYMPOSIUM on cyanobacteria

Five members of our cyano team went to the FIRST YOUNG INVESTIGATOR SYMPOSIUM on cyanobacteria, held in Rostock (Germany) from 5th to 8th October. Jennifer Heidrich and Adrien Thurotte were invited to give a talk about their work on IM30, the inner membrane associated protein of 30 kDa that is involved in thylakoid membrane biogenesis. Despite the cold weather, the five enjoyed the stay in Rostock, and luckily, they were also able to make a short excursion to the beautiful sea!


rostock-group jennifer_heidrich_rostock

carmen_siebenaller_rostockbenedikt_junglas_rostock ruven_jilly_rostock
















01.08.2016 Three graduations

Vladislava Schulz, Sandra Pöschko and Konrad Maxeiner submitted their Diploma, Master and Bachelor thesis, respectively. Congratulations to you and all the best for the next steps in your careers!!


15.07.2016 Benedikt Junglas wins GBM Master Prize

benedikt_gbm_bearbeitetCongratulations to our PhD student Benedikt Junglas, who won the GBM Prize for his Master thesis! Benedikt performed his thesis from September 2015 till March 2016 in our group and did research on thylakoid membrane biogenesis. The prize was presented on 15th July 2016 during a GBM lecture in Mainz. Benedikt now continues his work in his PhD thesis and we are excited to see his next discoveries!


24.05.2016 New Master student

Carmen just started her Master thesis in our group! Enjoy your time here!

18.04.2016 Successful conference participations

Seven PhD students from our group went to the 10th Transport Colloquium which was held in Rauischholzhausen (Germany) from 13th to 15th April 2016. Furthermore, Stefanie Pannwitt and Margareta Trefz were invited to present their projects in the talk sessions. They did a great job, we all had a wonderful time and gained new input! The next Transport Colloquium will be 2018.








15.03.2016 Four new co-workers

There are some new people in our group: Bachelor students Rebecca and Konrad, PhD student Lena and postdoc Adrien. Welcome and good luck!


10.01.2016 New Master student

We have a new Master student in our group: Welcome Sandra!!!



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