16.01.2023 Welcome Yvonne

Today we want to welcome Yvonne for an internship in our group. She will work on IM30 membrane interactions for the next six weeks. Have fun in the lab!


02.01.2023 Happy new year!

We are back in the lab and we wish you all a happy new year 2023 🙂




14.12.2022 Christmas Party

Many thanks to Vero and Lucas for organizing this year's Christmas party. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed food, drinks and each other's company.


08. - 09.12.2022 International FORTHEM Winterschool

Lucas and Dirk represented our group with a talk at the second FORTHEM Cellular Signaling International Winterschool. The nice event, which is mainly aimed at students and young researchers, took place here in Mainz in the BioCenter I.


17.10.2022 New student for internship

Today we welcome Max for his research internship during his master in BMC. He will try to etablish an activity test assay for MprF. Have fun in the lab!


05.-08.10.2022 8th Murnau Conference

Lucas presented his research on a poster at a conference on new frontiers in structural biology, held in idyllic Murnau.


10.10.2022 New Bachelor student

Today we want to welcome Sebastian in our group. During his Bachelor thesis he will work on the BmrA protein. Have a nice time in the lab!


01.09.2022 Group trip to the high ropes courses Neroberg

For our group trip we decided to go climbing in the high ropes courses of the Wiesbadener Neroberg this year. Sabine organized a varied schedule beginning with brunch at the Neroberg. After that we had the choice to go hiking or face the challenges of the high ropes in the trees. Of coure everyone had a saftey belay and stayed healthy over the day. 🙂




21.-25.08.2022 17th International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes 

From Sunday to Thursday Anne, Lucas and Dirk participated in the International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes in Liverpool, UK. Lucas was invited to contribute with a talk about the SynDLP. Anne and Dirk presented their research topics as a poster.


01.08.2022 Welcome back Mirka

After her research internship in our group Mirka returns to the lab for her master thesis. She will work on the IM30 protein for the next months.


11.07.2077 Congratulations to Kristin for her great PhD graduation!


Kristin finally finished her thesis with her defence talk about the ABC transporter BmrA. Among other findings she analyzed the dimerization of BmrA with various methods including a fluorescence dye transport assay with inverted vesicles.

Afterwards, our traditional campus tour with the biochemistry rocket took place in beautiful weather. We all are so proud of you and wish you the best for your future work and life!



05.07.2022 Welcome Avantika

Today Avantika joined our group for her master thesis. She will be working on the IM30 protein and investigate the forces guiding IM30 condensate formation. We welcome you to our group and wish you a good time in the lab.


20.06.2022 Welcome back Katrin

After her research internship in our group Katrin is back in the lab to work on her master thesis. She will perform in vitro experiments to investigate the effect of crowding in membranes by OmpA.


30.05.2022 Congratulations Isabel!

Today our PhD student Isabel succesfully defended her PhD thesis. Among other projects Isabel screened for a cardiolipin-binding substance in vitro over the last years. Out of a pool of 22 in silico pedicted binding molecules she identified one substance that was also investigated in podospora in vivo.

The whole Schneider group is happy for you and wishes you a successfull start in your new job! 🙂


09.05.2022 Welcome back, Lara

After her F2 intership about the IM30 protein, Lara will also work on her master thesis in our lab. This time she will contribute to the SynDLP project. Have a nice time in the lab!


04.-06.05.2022 12th Transport Colloquium at 'Schloss Rauischholzhausen'

From Wednesday to Friday the SchneiderGroup participated in the 12th Transport Colloquium at 'Schloss Rauischholzhausen'. Lucas, Carmen, Lukas, Ndjali and Nadja were invited to contribute with a short talk about their research. All participants presented their project as a poster, Carmen and Ndjali won a poster price. Congratulations!


02.05.2022 Welcome to new PhD student Pia

With Pia the SchneiderGroup was able to employ a new PhD student for the CurT project! She just finsihed her master in biophysics at the Goethe University Frankfurt and has now started her new challenge in our group in the beginning of May. We wish you all the best! 🙂


25.04.2022 New student in our group

Today Anna started her master's research internship in our group. She will work on the IM30 protein and investigate its membrane binding. Have a nice time in the lab.


04.04.2022 Welcome Linus

Linus joines our group for a research internship during his master's degree. He will work on crosslink experiments with the BmrA transporter. Welcome in our group.


14.02.2022 Welcome Jessika

Today we welcome Jessika for a research internship. For the next six weeks she will work on SynDLP and its interactions with membranes. We wish you a successful time in our group.


07.02.2022 Congratulations, Veronika!

Our PhD student Veronika was awarded with the GBM Masterprize 2022 for her master thesis on the mtFATP protein. Congratulations to you!


31.01.2022 Welcome Mirka and Katrin

Two new students start their internship in our group today. Mirka will investigate the effect of the IM30 protein on lipid membranes and Katrin will work on cloning and expression experiments for MprF subdomains. Have fun in the lab!




20.12.21 Congratulations to Carmen for her excellent PhD graduation

During her PhD thesis Carmen worked among other things on the effect of a low pH to the function and structure of the IM30 protein. She also investigated the behavior of phosphorylated IM30 variants with regard to binding and fusion of liposomes and the magnesium sensitivity of IM30.

We all are happy for your succesfully defended PhD thesis and wish you a good start in your new job in our group. Congratualtions and welcome back! 🙂


15.09.2021 Two new students

Today we welcome Vero and Martin (both BMC) in our Lab. Vero will work on the IM30 Protein for the next eight weeks during her Bachelor thesis. Due to his F2 internship Martin will work on the ABC transporter BmrA for six weeks. We all wish both of you a successfull time 🙂



Medal of Faculty for Dirk Schneider                    

Today Dirk was awarded the Medal of Faculty 09 Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Geography & Geosciences at the JGU for his outstanding commitment in research, teaching and academic self-administration. Dean Prof. Dr. Reich presented Dirk the medal and certificate on a special occasion. We all congratulate you on this!




13.08.2021 Congratulations Lena!

Today Lena succesfully defended her PhD thesis! Over the last years in our lab she worked on multiple different proteins including the CurT and the Claudin7 protein. Lena established complex expression and purification protocols for these proteins and characterized and analyzed them by their structure and activity using all our instrumental applications.

We all are proud of you and your great work and wish you all the best for your future!


19.07.2021 Welcome Gabor Bernat

Today Gabor joined our group as visiting scientist for the next four weeks. His visit is arranged due to the DAAD. In his home country Hungary Gabor works at the 'Balaton Limnological Research Insitute' in Tihany, where he is an expert for fluorescence measurements of photosynthetically active organisms. In our lab he will perform a lot of experiments with Cyanobacteria. We wish you a successful time here in Germany!


07.06.2021 Welcome Lara

Due to her F2 internship Lara will work on the IM30 Protein for the next six weeks. We wish you a nice time in our lab 🙂


31.05.2021 New Bachelor student

Today we welcome Jan in our lab. For the next eight weeks he will work on the CurT protein. Have fun!


03.05.2021 Welcome and congratualtions to our new PhD student Veronika

Veronika just defended her master thesis in our group and will now work as PhD student on mtFATP in our lab. We wish you alle the best for your next future step.


19.04.2021 New Bachelor and Master students in our group

During her bachelor thesis, Fine will work on CorA in Cyanobacteria for the next eight weeks.

Hilal is due to the F2 internship back in our lab. After her bachelor thesis (2019) in our group, she will now work on SynDLP.   We wish you both all the best!


06.04.2021 Welcome Dorothea!

Welcome to our new F2-intern Dorothea! In our Group she will work on the IM30 protein. Have a nice time here 🙂


08.03.2021  Welcome Anna

Today Anna starts her bachelor thesis in our group. For the next eight weeks she will work on the ABC Transporter BmrA. Have fun!


04.03.2021  B.Sc. Eva Zhu

Eva succesfully defended her bachelor thesis! We wish you alle the best for your future 🙂


01.03.2021  Tabletop soccer

The group's latest member is our new tabletop soccer. Since his arrival he quickly integrated in the group and is now one of our busiest coworkers.

The tabletop soccer was funded by Dirk, the PhD students and other coworkers.


16.02.2021  We have a new bachelor student

Julian Solbach is studying BMC and started his bachelor thesis in our Group. Enjoy your time here!


05.01.2021  Welcome to our new PhD student

Nele just finished her master in biology here in Mainz and is now starting her PhD in our group. Welcome in the new lab!



In January we moved our lab to the new "BioZentrum II" building at the JGU campus. Our new adress is:

Hanns-Dieter-HĂĽsch-Weg 17

55128 Mainz

© Jürgen Hofmann



14.12.2020  Welcome Timo Michel as our new PhD student

Timo succesfully passed his 3rd state examination in pharmaceutical studies at the JGU and will now work on inhibitor screenings for MprF. Welcome in our group!


03.12.2020  Dirk now also member of the Institute of Molecular Physiology

The faculty council of the Faculty 10 – Biology has welcomed Dirk as a new member of the Institute of Molecular Physiology (imP). Besides being a professor in the Chemistry department of the Faculty 09, Dirk now has the right to also accept and supervise students of the Faculty 10.


22.10.2020 New paper: IM30 IDPs form a membrane-protective carpet upon super-complex disassembly


Our new paper in Nature communications biology is finally published!

-> publication
-> press release (German)





Abb./©: Dirk Schneider/Benedikt Junglas


12.10.2020 Welcome, Eva and Veronika!

We have new bachelor/master students: Welcome Eva and Veronika, enjoy your time!


21.09.2020 Congratulations to our bachelor students

Simone and Mira just submitted their bachelor thesis. Good luck for you future!


09.09.2020 European Workshop on the Biology of Cyanobacteria: Best Poster Award

The Cyano-group participated at the 11th European Workshop on the Biology of Cyanobacteria. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the conference was held as an online-meeting. With the appropriate distance, we attended the conference together in our institute. Dirk contributed to the conference by giving a talk about IM30. Lucas, Anne and Carmen presented their work by an online poster representation. From our group, Carmen was awarded with the MDPI Best Poster Award.

01.07.2020 Welcome back, Lukas!

Welcome to our new PhD student Lukas Schlösser! After his bachelor thesis in our group, he recently finished his Master of Microbiology and Molecular Biology at the University of Giessen. He will join the Cyano Team and will work on the IM30 protein.  Welcome back in our group!


20.05.2020 Welcome to our new bachelor students

We are back in the lab! In the last weeks, Anita, Tolunay, Abdul, Yannick and Karsten succesfully finished their bachelor/master thesis. We wish you all the best for your future! We now welcome our new bachelor students Mira and Simone. Enjoy your time here!



13.12.2019 Congratulations, Benedikt!

Today our PhD student Benedikt Junglas succesfully defended his PhD thesis.

Benedikt worked on the IM30 protein. He analyzed in detail structures of different IM30 oligomeric states on membranes and in solution.

Congratulations to your great work and thank you for the last years! We are proud of you and wish you all the best for your future!

09.12.2019/12.12.2019 Christmas Party

This week we had 2 christmas partys with the biochemistry groups and the institute for pharmacy and biochemistry. We had a lot of fun, thank you to the organizers!

01.11.2019 New PhD student!

Welcome to our new PhD student Ndjali Quarta! He recently finished his Master of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Freiburg. In our group, he will join the Cyano Team and will work on the IM30 protein / thylakoid membrane dynamics. Enjoy your time here!


14.10.2019 Welcome to Yannick, Carsten and Abdul!

Welcome to our new bachelor and master students 🙂


16.09.2019 Welcome to our new Bachelor students

Welcome to our new bachelor students Anita and Tolunay! Enjoy your time here 🙂


29.08.2019 Congratulations to Margareta and Steffi for their great PhD graduation

This month two of our PhD students finally finished their thesis with their defence talk.
Margareta was working on the aquaglyceroporin GlpF. She analyzed in detail the different steps of the GlpF folding in the membrane with various methods including tryptophan fluorescence studies, circular dichroism and stopped-flow meausrurements.
Steffi was working on membrane interaction studies with different substances including the human p24 protein, artificially selected RNAs and synthetic supramolecular macromolecules. Therefore she used e.g fluorescence spectroscopy, circular dichroism and fluorescence microscopy.

Congratulation to both of you for your impressive thesis!
We are so proud of you 🙂 All the best for your future work and life!











13.08.2019 Salinental

Today our institute was off to the annual excursion This year we visited the Salinental near Bad Kreuznach and enjoyed a nice walk through europe´s largest open air saline.Thank you to the organization team Annika, Isabel and Anne and to Hildegard for the guided tour through Bad Kreuznach.


01.07.2019 Welcome Johannes

Johannes is starting a pratical lab course in our group as part of his training as a technical assistant, Welcome 🙂


23.04.2019 Welcome to our new students!

Welcome to Annika and Axel! Both will also join the IM30-team 🙂


08.04.2019 Welcome to Snezana and Hilal!

Snezana and Hilal start today their bachelor-thesis in our group and will work on the IM30-protein. Enjoy your time here 🙂


03.04.2019 Mosbacher Kolloquium

Sabine, Lucas and Carmen are off to the 70th Mosbacher Kolloqium about high-resolution imaging of cells and molecules. Sabine and Carmen will present their work with posters.









01.04.2019 Life Science Meeting 2019

Today our group joined the IV. Life Science Meeting 2019 that is organized by the Junior-GBM Mainz. Lena and Kristin gave a talk about their work on the membrane proteins BmrA and Claudin7.


17.03.2019 VAAM

Benedikt, Anne and Carmen joined the VAAM conference from March 17th to March 20th in Mainz. Carmen was invited to give a talk about the membrane fusion activity of the IM30 protein in the Cyano-Mini-Symposium.









02.01.2019 Welcome Lucas!

Today Lucas is starting his PhD thesis in our group. He will continue Ruven´s work on a BDLP from Synechocystis. Good luck with your thesis and enjoy your time here!




06.12.2018 Christmas Party

Today we had our Christmas Party, which was organized by our "old guard" Ruven, Stefanie and Margareta. All of them will finish their work in our lab by the end of the year. Thank you for the organization of the great christmas party! Good luck to all of you with the next steps in your careers 🙂


16.11.2018 Congratulation to Kevin and Veronika!

Kevin and Veronika successfully defended their Bachelor Thesis. Thank you for the nice time with you and good luck for your future!


6.11.2018 Congratulation to Anne-Christin!

Our PhD-student Anne was awarded with the GBM Masterprize 2018 for her thesis on WSCP in the group of Prof. Paulsen! Congratulation to you!

The prize was awarded during the GBM-talk from Prof. Dr. Stefan Raunser from the MPI Dortmund about "The power of cryo-EM to elucidate bilogical membranes".


17.09.2018 Cyano 2018: 3rd Early Career Research Symposium on Cyanobacteria

Anne, Benedikt and Carmen were off to the Cyano 2018 symposium in Freiburg from the 12th to the 14th of September. This conference was organized by and especially for young researchers in the field of cyanobacteria. It covered various topics from rock-inhabitating coccoids from serbia to the cytoskeletal network in Anabeana. Besides really interesting talks and discussions at the poster sessions, there was some time to enjoy the great view from the Schlossberg of Freiburg.


27.08.2018 Welcome Maximilian!

Welcome to our new F2-intern Maximilian! Enjoy your time here, good luck with the QCM!


01.08.2018 New PhD-student!

Sabine has a master in BMC from Mainz and is just starting her PhD in our group. Welcome back!

16.07.2018 Welcome Veronika!

We have a new bachelor student! Welcome Veronika, enjoy your time here!


09.07.2018 FEBS Congress 2018

Stefanie is off to the 43rd FEBS congress in prague from the 7th to the 12th of July. She is enjoying the nice scientific atmosphere and gaining a lot of new input for her research.


















03.07.2018 First European Congress on Photosythesis Research

Benedikt, Ruven and Dirk Schneider went to the First European Congress on Photosynthesis Research ePS-1 in Uppsala from the 25th to the 28th of June. Benedikt was invited to give a short presentation about his poster.
They all enjoyed the nice atmosphere on the Campus Ultuna of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
This conference is organized under the auspices of the International Society for Photosynthesis Research and is intended to run every four years.


02.07.2018 Welcome Kevin!

Kevin just started working on his bachelor thesis. Welcome and enjoy your time here!


15.06.2018 AK presentation

Today we presented our research interests to the other groups from the Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. Stefanie, Margareta, Ruven und Benedikt gave a talk about their projects and recent results.
Afterwards we had a nice get-together with beer and pretzels.


03.05.2018 GDCh Mainz-Wiesbaden: 7th AK-Symposium

Today we were part of the 7th AK-Symposium for students, organized by the GDCh JCF Mainz-Wiesbaden. Prof. Dirk Schneider gave a talk about our research interests and our PhD-students Isabel and Carmen represented our group at the poster session.


19.04.2018/26.04. 2018 Congratulations to Jenny and Ruven for the successfull PhD graduation

In April two of our PhD students successfully defended their PhD thesis.
Jennifer Heidrich was working on the IM30 protein from Synechocystis. In her thesis she was analyzing interactions of IM30 with negativlely charged membranes and magnesium ions. These investigations  now increase the knowledge about the IM30-mediated membrane fusion.
Ruven Jilly was working on Dynamin-like proteins in Synechocystis that are potentially involved in the dynamics of the thylakoid membrane. He was able to identify several potential DLPs in the genome from Synechocystis. For one of those potential DLPs he could prove GTPase activity, nucleotide-depdendent oligomerization and interaction with membranes with in vitro investigations.
Congratulation to both of you!
We are proud of your great work during the last years and wish you all the best for your future work!













24.04.2018 Life Science Meeting Mainz

Today Margareta, Kristin, Stefanie, Isabel and Carmen joined the 3rd Life Science Meeting Mainz, formerly known as BioChem Symposium. All of them were also part of the organizing team which recently founded the juniorGMB Mainz.At this meeting, there were talks from PhD students of 10 different groups from the biology and chemistry of the JGU Mainz and a guest speaker from the Leipzig University.
From our group Carmen was giving a talk about the IM30-mediated membrane fusion.


11.04.2018 Transport Colloquium  2018 in Raiuschholzhausen

8 PhD students form our group participated at the 11th Transport Colloquium from 11th to 13th April 2018 in Raiuschholzhausen. Ruven and Benedikt were invited to give a talk about their work on the SynDLP and IM30 protein from Synechocystis.
We enjoyed the nice atmosphere at the castle and gained a lot of new input at the talk and poster sessions. We are already looking to the next Transport Colloquium 2020.


04.04.2018 FEBS bursary for Stefanie

Stefanie recieves a FEBS bursary for the 43rd FEBS congress in prague. Congratulations!


01.04.2018 Welcome to our new PhD students Anne and Isabel!

We have two new co-workers: Anne and Isabel just started working on their PhD-thesis.
Anne has a master in biology from Mainz and will work on potential magnesium transporters in Synechocystis. Isabel did her master in toxicology at the University of Darmstadt and is now investigating membrane interactions of special compounds.
Welcome in our group! We wish you all the best for thesis!










01.03.2018 Welcome Jonas!

We have two new students in our group, both named Jonas for a bachelor and a master thesis, respectively.Welcome and good luck!

02.01.2018 Welcome to our new Bachelor student Lukas

Lukas just started his bachelor thesis in our group. Enjoy your time here!




09.10.2017 Symposium on Membrane Transport in Frankfurt

Margareta Trefz and Stefanie Pannwitt joined the Symposium New Horizons in Membrane Transport and Communication (4th to 6th October 2017) at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. They presented their work on the aquaglyceroporin GlpF and RNA-membrane-interactions with posters.










01.09.2017 Welcome Kristin!









We have a new PhD Student in our group. Kristin will work on the bacterial ABC-transporter BmrA.


10.07.2017 Congratulation to our Bachelor students

Vivian and Larissa just submitted their bachelor thesis. Congratulations!


01.07.2017 New Diploma student

Peter just started working on his diploma thesis in our group. Welcome!


10.04.2017 First BioChem Symposium 2017

Our group was part of the first BioChem-Symposium at the JGU Mainz, which was held on 10th April 2017. It was initiated by groups of the Institute of Molecular Physiology and the Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. This was a great chance for PhD-students to present their work to other groups from the JGU and get new input for their research. From our group, Stefanie Pannwitt and Margareta Trefz presented their projects in a talk. We all enjoyed the nice atmosphere and the alumnus talk by Dr. Christoph Dockter from the CarlsbergReserach Laboratory. We are already looking forward to the next symposium in october, which will be organized by our group and the group of Prof. Ute Hellmich.











21.12.2016 New Master of Science

Carmen Siebenaller has just submitted her Master thesis. Congratulations and good luck for your PhD thesis!


12.10.2016 Cyano group at the FIRST YOUNG INVESTIGATOR SYMPOSIUM on cyanobacteria

Five members of our cyano team went to the FIRST YOUNG INVESTIGATOR SYMPOSIUM on cyanobacteria, held in Rostock (Germany) from 5th to 8th October. Jennifer Heidrich and Adrien Thurotte were invited to give a talk about their work on IM30, the inner membrane associated protein of 30 kDa that is involved in thylakoid membrane biogenesis. Despite the cold weather, the five enjoyed the stay in Rostock, and luckily, they were also able to make a short excursion to the beautiful sea!


rostock-group jennifer_heidrich_rostock

carmen_siebenaller_rostockbenedikt_junglas_rostock ruven_jilly_rostock
















01.08.2016 Three graduations

Vladislava Schulz, Sandra Pöschko and Konrad Maxeiner submitted their Diploma, Master and Bachelor thesis, respectively. Congratulations to you and all the best for the next steps in your careers!!


15.07.2016 Benedikt Junglas wins GBM Master Prize

benedikt_gbm_bearbeitetCongratulations to our PhD student Benedikt Junglas, who won the GBM Prize for his Master thesis! Benedikt performed his thesis from September 2015 till March 2016 in our group and did research on thylakoid membrane biogenesis. The prize was presented on 15th July 2016 during a GBM lecture in Mainz. Benedikt now continues his work in his PhD thesis and we are excited to see his next discoveries!


24.05.2016 New Master student

Carmen just started her Master thesis in our group! Enjoy your time here!

18.04.2016 Successful conference participations

Seven PhD students from our group went to the 10th Transport Colloquium which was held in Rauischholzhausen (Germany) from 13th to 15th April 2016. Furthermore, Stefanie Pannwitt and Margareta Trefz were invited to present their projects in the talk sessions. They did a great job, we all had a wonderful time and gained new input! The next Transport Colloquium will be 2018.








15.03.2016 Four new co-workers

There are some new people in our group: Bachelor students Rebecca and Konrad, PhD student Lena and postdoc Adrien. Welcome and good luck!


10.01.2016 New Master student

We have a new Master student in our group: Welcome Sandra!!!



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