Exact solutions of correlation models

The theoretical description of strongly correlated fermion systems on a lattice is so non-trivial, that exact solutions are possible only in rare special cases (for simplified models or in special geometries or in certain limits). For example, some one-dimensional models are soluble by the Bethe ansatz.

However, the exact solutions described in the articles cited below are based on other principles. In the first two papers we investigate simplified correlation models, namely the Hubbard model with long-range hopping and the so-called Falicov-Kimball model. The third paper discusses a Hubbard model with the simple geometry of a star, and the fourth clarifies the phase diagram of the Hubbard model in a strong magnetic field near a fully polarized ferromagnetic state.

Exact Solution and Thermodynamics of the Hubbard Model with Infinite-Range Hopping

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Exact Mean-Field Hamiltonian for Fermionic Lattice Models in High Dimensions

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The Hubbard Star

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Mott transition near the ferromagnetic state

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