Undergraduate Programm: B.A. in Anthropology

The B.A. in Anthropology (Ethnologie) is a three-year major programme (Kernfach) that focuses on the diversity of contemporary cultural and social practices and aims to provide students with a thorough grounding in the methods, theory, and history of anthropological investigation.

Students who wish to take a series of courses in anthropology, but major in another discipline, may be interested in the Anthropology minor (Beifach).

At the time of writing, 605 students are enrolled in the B.A. course at the department (277 taking anthropology as their major, 344 as their minor).

While enabling students to explore human practices in all regions of the world, the programme’s regional focus is on Africa (south of the Sahara). Drawing on the broad expertise and exceptional resources of the department with its four professorships and numerous academic staff, the Ethnographic Collection, the Jahn Library for African Literatures and the African Music Archives, the programme incorporates the concerns, approaches and methods of anthropology, sociology, history, literary studies, media studies, cultural studies and linguistics. Students also enjoy extensive scope for developing and pursing their own thematic interests.

In addition to providing academic education, our Department is committed to applied research and the vocational training of its students. Hence, third year students majoring in anthropology complete a practical training module, usually in the form of an internship or work experience with a NGO or institution working in the field of development cooperation, intercultural communication or integration policy in Germany or abroad. The Department itself offers some internship positions, for example with the Ethnographic Collection and the African Music Archives.