Dr. Meltem Türköz
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Isik ÜniversitesiIstanbul, Turkey

Meltem Türköz is Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Işık University in Istanbul. She studied at the University of Pennsylvania where she completed a PhD in a Folklore and Folklife programme. At Işık University she teaches courses in anthropology, culture and communication, and community involvement. Her research interests are the anthropology of consumption, culture and communication, memory and tradition in West Philadelphia, the theory and practice of community involvement, technological change, popular culture and new media. In her life outside academia, she has worked as a journalist and as a street children’s educator in Istanbul.

Meltem Türköz was Erasmus visiting professor at the IfEAS in December 2011. She presented a lecture entitled “Circulation and exchange of Turkish surnames in representational economies” (6.12.11) as part of the departmental lecture series.