Theme-focused changing exhibitions:

The showcase on the first floor of the Institute for Ethnology and African Studies (in forum universitatis 6) is regularly designed by students on topics related to African music.


Winter term 2017/18 - The theme of the exhibition was Music and Protest by Musicians in and from South Africa. Examples of record and CD covers by the artists Brenda Farsi, Ivonne Chaka Chaka and Miriam Makeba, as well as the group Die Antwoord, were shown.

On the occasion of the Madagascar Days co-organised by the AMA in Mainz and Weinheim in July 2013, Mareike Späth and Céline Molter designed a showcase with film stills and interview passages from a short documentary about the concert by Ricky Olombelo, Marius Fénoamby and Milon Kazar at the 2011 Science Market, as well as a valiha, rhythm box and bicycle brake wires.

As part of the seminar "Festival, Ritual, Game - Ethnological Approaches to Performance Research", Cornelia Steudner created an exhibition on online games.

The teaching research group "The Representation of Africa in Concert and Music Festival" presented its research locations and results in the summer term of 2012.

On the theme of 'Exoticism', Cornelia Steudner designed the showcase for the seminar "African Music, World Music - Postcolonial Perspectives".

As part of the seminar "Reggae, Rumba, Rock and Rap - Western Music Styles in Africa, African Music Styles in the West", Samanta Hoffmann and Sabrina Kreis designed the showcase around the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute Concert, where pop stars from both the Global South and Global North performed.

On the occasion of the VAD conference "Continuities and Breaks: 50 Years of Independence in Africa" ("Kontinuitäten und Brüche: 50 Jahre Unabhängigkeit in Afrika"), which took place in Mainz in April 2010, record covers were presented that refer to the independence era and the liberation movements in Southern Africa.