Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Dr. Chiara Ferella (Classical Philology)
"Metaphors in Early Greek Concepts of Cosmos, Nature, Body and Mind"

Dr. Ulrike Steinert (Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology)
"Body – Sickness – Healing: A Study on the Interaction between Medical Concepts and Practices in Ancient Mesopotamia (2nd-1st millennium BCE)"

Dr. Andrea Babbi (Archaeology)
"Perception of humans and the Mediterranean Sea through the archaeological record and the written sources (early first Millennium BC): Theoretical reflections about the shaping, internalization, and dissemination of concepts"

Dr. Alexa Rickert (Ägyptologie)
"Menschenhaar - Götterhaar: Studien zum Körperkonzept in der altägyptischen Religion" (German title)

Associated Postdoctoral Researchers:

Dr. Sebastian Müller (Philosophy)
"Natural ideas"