Doctoral students

Judit Garzón Rodríguez (Egyptology)
Archaeological-philological-ethno-historical study of fundamental aspects of the penis, its symbolism and meaning in Ancient Egypt

Francisco José Gómez Blanco (Classical Archaeology)
The arena at home: Concepts of the body and violence in mosaic depictions of amphitheater events in the Roman Empire

Yossra Ibrahim (Egyptology)
Lights of Eternity – Investigating Concepts, Tradition and Innovation in the Ancient Egyptian Celestial Diagrams

Sibel Kayan (née Ousta) (Byzantine Studies)
Concepts and practices of ideal dying in Byzantium from the 4th to the early 13th century

Jessica Knebel (Egyptology)
Studies on concepts of fire in Ancient Egypt

Maral Schumann (Near Eastern Archaeology)
Treatment of the Dead Body: Burial Forms and Death Ceremonies in Pre-Islamic Persia

David Usieto Cabrera (Near Eastern Archaeology)
Human Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East

Nicky van de Beek (Egyptology)
Conzeptualizing changing landscapes: The view from Old Kingdom Egypt

Benny Waszk (Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology)
Access to the built environment. Perception of space at the early neolithic Göbli Temple.