Doctoral students

Christoph Appel (Classical Philology)
Wound Edges. Greek-Roman Figurations of Injury between Medical and Literary-Aesthetic Discourse

Francisco José Gómez Blanco (Classical Archaeology)
The arena at home: Concepts of the body and violence in mosaic depictions of amphitheater events in the Roman Empire

Judit Garzón Rodríguez (Egyptology)
Archaeological-philological-ethno-historical study of fundamental aspects of the penis, its symbolism and meaning in Ancient Egypt

Jessica Knebel (Egyptology)
Studies on concepts of fire in Ancient Egypt

Sina Lehnig (Classical Archaeology)
Foodways Through the Desert. Diet as an Indicator for Identity and Social Responses to Environmental and Cultural Challenges in Arabia and Palaestina (2nd to 8th century CE)

Aleksandar Milenković (Classical Philology)
Concepts of visual perception in Greek scientific thought from the 5th century BC to the 2nd century AD.

Rebekka Pabst (Egyptology)
The Dead Body. Studies on Concepts of the „Corpse“ in Ancient Egypt.

David Usieto Cabrera (Near Eastern Archaeology)
Human Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East

Benny Waszk (Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology)
Access to the built environment. Perception of space at the early neolithic Göbli Temple.