What do students have to deliver in each round?

In rounds 1 to 3, a written report and a presentation must be prepared. What precisely is wanted will be mentioned in the task of each round. To solve the tasks you often require strategic management tools (such as a SWOT analysis), but creativity as well as the production of new realistic ideas are also important.


How is the procedere in each round?

The first round is carried out by each university itself. In round two and three two universities are competing against each others (via videoconference). The order of presentations will be determined in advance. The teams of the universities present alternately. After each presentation questions will be asked by the own professor/lecturer as well as by the professor/lecturer of the other university. Student groups will be evaluated by the own professor/lecturer as well as from the professor/lecturer of the other university.


How will each round be assessed?

You can download the evaluation sheet for the written documents as well as for the presentation here.

Each criterion is scored and weighted by points from 1-10. The grade is calculated automatically in the Excel sheet.


What else is important?

We attach great importance to professionalism and that the concepts and ideas are close to reality. Therefore, we pay attention to details like clothing (business!) and professional manner (e.g. personal welcome, behavior of group members who are not presenting...).