The competition



This is an international Olympic Case Study Competition between student groups. Participants will work on complex tasks and organize the work as teams (3-6 persons per team). The case study is kept as realistic as possible.



The purpose of this case study is to have students work with problems they can address by transferring theory into a realistic practical approach. Students will be given an incomplete description of the problem (Harvard Business School Case Method). Students will have to consider new information, coincidences and political moves as they emerge in addressing the case. The ultimate objective is to compete and win against the other student groups.



On successful completion of the module, students will be able to...

  • assess the constituents of the top level competitive sports
  • systematically analyse business and management problems in situational context
  • find, analyse and use relevant information to develop and compare alternatives
  • make strategic business decisions in the field of sport
  • demonstrate communication skills (written and oral)
  • improve Information Communications Technology (ICT) skills
  • improve teamwork and collaboration skills
  • demonstrate independent learning skills


Students achieve these benefits as hypothetical advisers to a realistic client in a real-world sport business case.


  • Provide students with the opportunity to explore many aspects of mega sport organisations and events
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to a topical real case
  • Prepare students for future employment by working with information under conditions of a real case, independently gather and analyse information to develop solutions and to advise the (hypothetical) client
  • Learn and practice consulting processes and team-work under time pressure


Teaching and Learning Strategy

This is an independent learning module. Students will be required to develop their own consultancy project via directed independent learning. Face to face contact will consist of instructor-led lectures and seminars. Lectures will provide a framework within which students are expected to work. Seminars will be small-group or individual discussions on various aspects of the groups’ consultancy project.