Each round the students must prepare a presentation as well as a printed version of their results and concepts. What precisely is wanted will be mentioned in the task of each round.

At the end of the presentation a jury will ask questions related to your presentation and about the topic of your presentation in general. After the evaluation each group will get points. The points given will not publicly be announced as that can be a competitive advantage and represents reality.

All teams play three rounds, the best team of each university (highest number of points) will play in the final round. The points of the first three rounds will be considered for your grade of your class.



Passing successfully the first three rounds gives you credits.
You can reach:

Students play 3 rounds (minium)

  • Preparation: Video + Educator (from each University)
  • Round 1: Internally (learn how the competition works) - 20 points
  • Round 2: Matched with other University A - 30 points
  • Round 3: Matched with other University B - 50 points
  • Best Team enters "play offs" and then potentially final



Here you can download the

Evaluation sheet complete (text and presentation)

Evaluation sheet text

Evaluation sheet presentation