Prior Research or Research for Short Papers

  • Oral information
  • Article from reference book
  • Literature introduced in the lecture
  • Reading of introducing literature
  • Reading of a couple of current journal articles

Standard for Sources

  • They should be accurate. Therefore the source should be tested for plausibility, accordance with what you already know and credibility
  • They should be verifiable, therefor the source must be named
  • They should be distinct and understandable
  • You should not use sources you do not understand

What Sources are there?

  • Literature (books, journals, newspapers)
  • Data (your own research, data banks, statistics)
  • Oral sources (conversations, interviews)
  • Written records (files, logs, artifacts)

Where do You find Sources? In Data Banks

CD-ROM data bank
Please keep in mind, that for some data banks a specific system precondition is needed, such as Sociofile and WiSo III. Both data banks are updated every two months.
Sociofile is based on information from "Sociological Abstracts" as well as "relevant Dissertations". WiSo III includes two separate data banks from the „Informationszentrums für Sozialwissenschaften Bonn”: SOLIS and FORIS.


In the biggest data bank worldwide you can find titles and records of ownerships from continuing anthologies. As well as titles of electronic works.


Web of Science ISI Web of Knowledge [v4.3]
The Web of Science is highly recommended! The data bank allows the search for keywords, authors, sources or addresses for different timeframes and languages. The search for keywords must be however in English. You can access this data on campus.


JSTOR is a data bank for online texts. The texts are in electronic form.


Solis/ Foris/ Infodata-data banks
On this website you can access the catalog for texts of the social science. After you clicked „continue” choose the specific field.


Wiso data bank
This data bank offers texts from German journals. You can get the articles in PDF.


EZB-data bank

All licensed titles are listed here, sorted by subject or alphabetically. In addition, many magazines that are freely accessible on the Internet are listed here.

Online catalog of the University Mainz

Here you will find many titles that can be found either in the central library, the departmental libraries of the University of Mainz, ordered via interlibrary loan or viewed online.