General Standards and Formal Requirements

Formal Requirements for a Paper

  • Line spacing: 1,5
  • Type size: 12
  • Written form: standard lettering, recommended is „Times New Roman”
  • Edge: 3 cm all around
  • Page number: right hand corner
  • One-sided print

Formal Requirements for the Structure of the Paper

All academic papers include:

  • Front page (except in Essay)
  • Directory (deposition)
  • References and quotations
  • Exploratory notes and footnote
  • Bibliography
  • List of abbreviations, illustrations and scales
  • Statutory declaration (except in essay) Download

Front Page

  • Name of University and Institute
  • Name and number of the lecture
  • Name of the lecturer
  • Semester/year (WS or SS + year)
  • Name, address, e-mail and if necessary telephone number
  • Course of studies and number of semesters
  • Matriculation number
  • Due date
  • Type of academic paper
  • Title and topic