JGU – Sights and Sounds

This module is available for the pages with "Spaltenlos" template.

This plugin provides a responsive picture link bar with exactly three pictures.

Usage jgu_sehen_und_hoeren

How to use the shortcode "jgu_sehen_und_hoeren":

This shortcode forms parentheses around individual image links. This outer bracket has one parameter no_headline so you can hide the default shown headline "Sights and Sounds" e.g.:

[jgu_sehen_und_hoeren no_headline="yes"]

Usage jgu_sehen_und_hoeren_imagelink

The following parameters are available in this shortcode:

  1. imageurl - Picture-URL (e.g. https://abc.de/picture.jpg)
    [jgu_sehen_und_hoeren_imagelink imageurl="https://abc.de/picture.jpg"]
  2. url: The Target-URL which will be open when you click on a picture.
    [jgu_sehen_und_hoeren_imagelink imageurl="https://abc.de/picture.jpg" url="http://google.de"]
  3. subtitle: Title which will be shown if you mouse is over the picture.
    [jgu_sehen_und_hoeren_imagelinkimageurl="https://abc.de/picture.jpg" url="http://google.de subtitle="Your subtitle or description"]

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