Gravity Forms

Forms, with a state of the art community Plugin. Compose your forms with drag & drop

If your Shortcode is still visible on the published page, activate this plugin in the Dashboard  → JGU Tools  → Plugins

Warning: ⚠️ Be careful to edit the Shortcode in the Text mode only. Editing in the Visual mode may cause the shortcode to fail entirely due to HTML Tags in the Code.

Some plugins require administrative preparations (JGU Auth, JGU Downloadcenter). Follow the instructions in Dashboard  → JGU Tools  → Plugins  → Activateand we will set up the plugin for you.

You may use the standard documentation that is extensive. We added some code so that the default gravity forms software is usable by editors, you do not need admin rights! So here, only the differences from the standard gravity forms behavior are documented.

Warnung: ⚠️ Be aware, that at minimum you have to change the notification to your own email address. Otherwise you will not get any notification email, because they are sent to us instead!

  • reCAPTCHA (legal issues)
  • No Spam with Honeypot
  • File-Upload (at this stage still disabled due to security considerations)


Try our demo: → Gravity-Forms Example Forms


Prefilled fields

Secure your page with jgu-auth and the following data are available:

  • jgu_mail
  • jgu_matrikel
  • jgu_vorname
  • jgu_nachname
  • jgu_username

Example email from Active Directory prefilled in form:

In a Single Line Field, choose "Advanced" and check "Allow field to be populated dynamically" and fill in jgu_mail in the Parameter name field.