Minimum requirements for a JGU Website

Congratulations to your new WordPress project! So what's next?
How do you manage organizing the template pages to publish a final website?

  • Header: customize your header via the Dashboard by selecting Appearance → Customise. From the Fronted, directly choose the Customize Button in the Admin bar
  • Navigation: add pages to your menu

Default pages:

We've already created the following pages. Now, it's your job to change and add content:

  • Contact: a quick hint to access all contact details for your contents - as a menu item top right. In case you didn't get or already deleted our sample page: Please create a site named contact (spelled exactly), so it will automatically be added to the top menu. This page should contain a name, address, email address and a phone number of your faculty contact person which helps your visitor to always catch the right recipient
  • Index: a sorted list of all pages for a quick access
  • Sitemap: a list of pages of your web site
  • Legal Notice (Imprint): if you're not conform with the default info, you can update your own notes
  • Privacy: we've prepared a default page, you can also update your own notes

It should be evident for all projects to which faculty / which group you belong to. A link is also helpful to be indexed by search engines.

Contact Person:

In case no contact person is accessible, e.g. nobody is responding to the specified email address, the web page will be deactivated after a certain period of time, which avoids tarnishing JGU's reputation by providing outdated content.