Former PhD students

Dominik Berrens (Classical Philology)
Social insects in antiquity. A contribution to concepts of nature in the Greco-Roman culture.

Sonja Gerke (Egyptology)
The interest in animals as a subject of ancient Egyptian professions.

Nadine Gräßler (Egyptology)
Concepts of the eye in ancient Egypt.

Sarah Prause (Classical Archaeology)
(Partial) blind, blending, blindness - Investigations on the topic of 'blindness' in the Greek pictorial world of the late 8th - 4th century BC.

Carrie Schidlo (Egyptology)
Floral elements on different objects from the Late Period to the Roman Period of Egypt.

Florian Schimpf (Classical Archaeology)
Man – Nature – Religion: A study concerning development, form and perception of sacred landscape in Asia Minor.