Associated PhD students

Victoria Altmann-Wendling (Egyptology)
The moon in the religious texts of Graeco-Roman Egypt.

Imke Fleuren (Egyptology)
Concepts of non-indigenous fauna in Egypt.

Simone Gerhards (Egyptology)
Phenomena and concepts of tiredness, sleep and awakening in ancient Egypt.

Shahrzad Irannejad (Pharmaceutical Biology)
Localization of the Avicennean inner senses in a Hippocratic body.

Jakub SypiaƄski (Byzantine Studies) (on leave)
Science without frontiers? Political context of circulation of knowledge between the Byzantine Empire and the Muslim world in 750-1100 C.E.

Valeria Zubieta Lupo (Ancient Near Eastern Studies)
Concepts of the Hittite Healing Praxis.