Early Concepts of Man and Nature: Universal, Local, Borrowed

The Research Training Group (RTG) 1876 is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The participating disciplines are Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Near Eastern Archaeology, Classical Philology, Pre- and Protohistorical Archaeology (Pleistocene Archaeology), Classical Archaeology, Medieval German Studies, Byzantine Studies, and Medical History.

The RTG is interested in establishing where and when similar beliefs and concepts originated, whether this happened independently, or if such concepts were transmitted or even exchanged between early cultures, and in how, and why they then changed over time. The time span of the RTG extends from the dawn of history (ca. 100.000 years B.C.E.) to the Middle Ages within an area that comprises the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean, and Europe.

Dissertation project of Victoria Altmann-Wendling (Egyptology): "The moon in the religious texts of Graeco-Roman Egypt."
Dissertation project of Dominic Bärsch (Classical Philology): "Ends of the World. Concepts of Dissolution in Greek and Latin Literature."
Dissertation project of Laura Borghetti (Byzantine Studies): "Die Darstellung von Naturphänomenen in der byzantinischen Dichtung des 9. bis 12. Jahrhundert."
Dissertation project of Tim Brandes (Ancient Near Eastern Studies): "The Mesopotamian Concept of Time in Nature and Society of the 1st Millennium BC."
Dissertation project of Imke Fleuren (Egyptology): "Concepts of non-indigenous fauna in Egypt."
Dissertation project of Simone Gerhards (Egyptology): "Phenomena and concepts of tiredness, sleep and awakening in ancient Egypt."
Dissertation project of Katharina Hillenbrand (Classical Philology): "Volcanic phenomena in Roman Antiquity. Discursive formation and literary fracture."
Dissertation project of Shahrzad Irannejad (Pharmaceutical Biology): "Localization of the Avicennean inner senses in a Hippocratic Body."
Dissertation project of Mirna Kjorveziroska (German Language and Literature Studies): "Tenting – hunting – getting oriented. Cultural practices in nature in the novel around 1300."
Dissertation project of Marie-Charlotte von Lehsten (Classical Philology): "Concepts of night in archaic and classical Greek literature."
Dissertation project of Stephanie Mühlenfeld (German Language and Literature Studies): "Concepts of 'exotic' animals in German texts of the high and late Middle Ages."
Dissertation project of Oxana Polozhentseva (German Language and Literature Studies): "Tote Körper: Semantiken des Sterblichen / Vergänglichen in den mittelalterlichen deutschen Texten."
Dissertation project of Tristan Schmidt (Byzantine Studies): "Animal imagery in the Byzantine imperial ideology of the Comnenoi, Angeloi and Lascarid."
Dissertation project of Sonja Speck (Egyptology): "Origins and development of Ancient Egyptian body concepts in Pre- and Early Dynastic anthropomorphic sculpture."
Dissertation project of Mari Yamasaki (Near Eastern Archaeology): "Evolving concepts of seascapes and marine fauna in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Bronze Age."
Dissertation project of Valeria Zubieta Lupo (Ancient Near Eastern Studies): "Concepts of the Hittite Healing Praxis."
New Publication: "Translating Writings of Early Scholars in the Ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece and Rome – Methodological Aspects with Examples" published by Annette v. Imhausen and Tanja Pommerening.
New Publication: "Anfang & Ende - Vormoderne Szenarien von Weltentstehung und Weltuntergang" published by Marion Gindhart and Tanja Pommerening.


The Research Training Group 1876 offers positions for associate members. ...
The Research Training Group "Early Concepts of Man and Nature" invites in the winter semester 2016/17 to a public lecture series. ...
The new book "Translating Writings of Early Scholars in the Ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece and Rome - Methodological Aspects with Examples" has been published by Annette Imhausen and Tanja Pommerening. ...
The new book "Anfang & Ende - Vormoderne Szenarien von Weltentstehung und Weltuntergang" has been published by Marion Gindhart and Tanja Pommerening. ...