JGU Content Box for re-usable content (plugin and shortcode)

Sometimes it can be helpful to write certain parts of your content once and package them into a 'box' which may then be re-used in any number of posts/pages inside your project - so you don't have to re-write that content in every post/page.

Using the plugin 'JGU Content Box' you can create content that you want to use more than once inside a JGU Content Block, which you can then refer to via shortcode.

The plugin 'JGU Content Box' will be activated for your blog on request, together with the plugin 'JGU Content Blocks'. Please mention the title of your blog or your blog address in your request. Thank you.


After activation, you may put the content of each content block anywhere into the text of any number of posts/pages by referring to it with shortcode like this:

[box id="x"]

'x' refers to the ID of the content block that should appear in this place.

How to find this ID? The ID of every content block is displayed as the 'Element ID' while editing this content block in the dashboard:

Anzeige der ID im Dashboard

(If this is not being displayed in your dashboard, try activating 'Element ID' under 'Screen Options' at the top of your dashboard.)

So the content of the content block with the ID 778 could be displayed within any other page/post by using the following shortcode:: [box id="778"]

If your are logged in to WordPress you will see an 'Edit here' link underneath every content block that has been embedded in this way. If you click on this link, you will jump directly to the dashboard editing screen for this content block.

Compatibility with shortcode box beitrag

This plugin also covers the following shortcode which was used in earlier versions to embed posts into pages:

[box beitrag="x"]

We recommend to use content blocks for re-usable content in the future, because content blocks have been designed especially for this purpose.