Regulation of myelination by src-family tyrosine kinases


Oligodendrocytes express the non-receptor tyrosine kinases Fyn and Lyn and sort these proteins together with cell adhesion molecules into lipid raft domains. We are identifying target proteins of signalling by these kinases. Fyn activity is essential for normal myelination and we have recently shown that one pathway which is regulated by Fyn is the translation of mRNA for the major myelin protein MBP. MBP mRNA is transported in ribonucleoprotein-containing particles in a translationally silent state to the tips of the oligodendrocyte processes where Fyn activity in response to adhesion molecule-mediated binding between oligodendrocyte and axon results in local translation. This results in spatial and temporal control of myelination.



Graduate College University of Mainz; EU FP6 (terminated)