Structure formation in clouds

In this project we want to investigate structure formation in clouds. For this purpose we develop and extent (simple) analytical cloud models. These models (ordinary differential equations) are further coupled to equations representing atmospheric motions. These sets of equations are investigated using analytical methods. For instance, methods from the theory of dynamical systems are used for describing the quality of the solutions (e.g. equilibrium points, limit cycles, bifurcations etc.). These properties describe some structure formation in clouds. Coupling cloud models to equations of atmospheric dynamics, we may get partial differential equations, eg. reaction-diffusion equations. For investigating these equations, more sophisticated techniques must be used (e.g. spectral methods). On the other hand, we will use inverse methods for analysing the sets of equations. For this purpose we start with quite simple time-reversal approaches. Inverse methods are interesting for characterising the initial conditions leading to a certain cloud state.