Sonderkolloquium Erdwissenschaften

"Long timescale earth system modeling"

on Wednesday, 8th April 2009

in the lecture room of the Max-Planck Institute of Chemistry, Building 10

9:00 Uhr Dr. Patrick JÖCKEL
Max-Planck-Institute of Chemistry, Mainz

"Neue Perspektiven für die Langzeiterdsystemmodellierung mit dem Modular Earth Submodel System"

10:30 Uhr Dr. Beatrice CAILLEAU
Dept. Planetology and Remote Sensing, FU Berlin

"Geodynamic modelling across the sacles"

13:30 Uhr Dr. Sönke ZAEHLE
Max-Planck-Institute of Biogeochemistry, Jena

"Carbon-Nitrogen interactions at global scale: Will nitrogen save us from the positive carbon-climite feedback?"

15:00 Uhr Dr. Anna von der HEYDT
University of Utrecht, Netherlands

"The evolution of the global ocean circulation through the Cenozoic"

16:30 Uhr Dr. Sascha FLÖGEL
IFM-GEOMAR, University of Kiel

"Past Greehouse modes - insights from modelling the Late Cretaceous