Alumni Reunion Summer Party 2013

All former and active group members were invited to the AK Kunz Alumni Reunion Summer Party, to Weingut Adam Darmstadt in Bodenheim, 6th of July 2013. Everybody was informed and knew about it... Everybody? Except the Main Person!

Prof. Kunz realizing that he just arrived at his surprising party. As you can see the surprise was a success.


He was speechless, but just for a few seconds.


Opening champagne with the organizing committee. Once again thank you for arranging this great evening!


AK Kunz Sommerfest Juli 2013

Photo of all attendant group members unifying 35 years in history of AK Kunz (click photo to enlarge) ...


...from the first to the present generation, only shirt color has changed!


As mentioned before, speechlessness did not last long.


Finally the residue was recrystallized several times with ethanol.

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