Seminars – 4. Semester

Seminar: Electro chemistry

The following basic definitions, instruments and methods are discussed during the electrochemical seminars in the 4. Semester:

  1. Definitions/Basics/Electrodes
  2. Potentiometry
  3. Conductometry
  4. Electrogravimetry
  5. Coulometry
  6. Voltammetry/polarography
  7. (Bi-)Voltametry/(Bi-)Amperometry
  8. Polarimetry
  9. Electrophoresis
  10. Micellar electro kinetic chromatography

The seminar is offered along with the practical lab, so that the students learn the theory behind each experiment, its correct composition, as well as preparation of the samples. It also explains when certain method can be applied and when not. Additionally, some mathematical exercises are offered and previous chapters are reviewed, so that students can also participate interactively . Attendance in the seminars is obligatory and is verified via a signature.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Seminar: Thermoanalyse