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Freund, I., Buhl, D.K., Boutin, S., Kotter, A., Pichot, F., Marchand, V., Vierbuchen, T., Heine, H., Motorin, Y., Helm, M., Dalpke, A.H., Eigenbrod, T., 2'-O-methylation within prokaryotic and eukaryotic tRNA inhibits innate immune activation by endosomal Toll-like receptors but does not affect recognition of whole organisms, (2019), RNA., Apr. 24, Epub ahead of print, Full text

Krutyholowa, R., Hammermeister, A., Zabel, R., Abdel-Fattah, W., Reinhardt-Tews, A., Helm, M., Stark, M.J.R., Breunig, K.D., Schaffrath, R., Glatt, S.,Kti12, a PSTK-like tRNA dependent A TPase essential for tRNA modification by Elongator, (2019), Nucleic Acids Rs., Mar. 27, Epub ahead of print, Full text



1. SPP 1784 Meeting takes place at the Weizmanm Institute
    25.06.-27.06.2019 Rehovot, Israel


2. PhD Meeting of the SPP 1748 takes place at the Uni Bremen