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Werner, S., Galliot, A., Pichot, F., Kemmer, T., Marchand, V., Sednev, M.V., Lence, T., Roignant, J.-Y., König, J., Höbartner, C., Motorin, Y., Hildebrandt, A., Helm, M., NOseq: amplicon sequencing evaluation method for RNA m6A sites after chemical deamination, (2021), Nucleic Acids Res., Feb. 26, 49(4):e23, Full text

Schupp, J., Christians, A., Zimmer, N., Gleue, L., Jonuleit, H., Helm, M., Tuettenberg, A., In-Depth Immune-Onclogy Studies of the Tumor Microenvironment in a Humanized Melanoma Mouse Model, (2021), Int J Mol Sci., Jan. 20, 22(3):1011, Full text