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Knuckles, P., Lence, T., Haussmann, I. U., Jacob, D., Kreim, N., Carl, S.H., Masiello, I., Hares, T., Villaseñor, R., Hess, D., Andrade-Navarro, M.A., Biggiogera, M., Helm, M., Soller, M., Bühler, M., Roignant, J.Y.,
Zc3h13/Flacc is required for adenosine methylation by bridging the mRNA-binding factor Rbm15/Spenito to the m6A machinery component Wtap/Fl(2)d., (2018), Genes Dev., Mar. 13, Epub ahead of print


Aschenbrenner, J., Werner, S., Marchand, V., Adam, M., Motorin , Y., Helm, M., Marx, A., Engineering of a DNA polymerase for direct m6A Sequencing, (2018), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl., Jan. 8, 57,417-421. Full Text



1.  The Epitranscriptom EMBL Conference
     25-27 April, 2018 EMBL Heidelberg, Germany