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Marchand, V., Pichot, F., Neybecker, P., Ayadi, L., Bourguignon-Igel, V., Wacheul, L., Lafontaine, D.L.J., Pinzano, A., Helm, M., Motorin, Y., HydraPsiSeq: a method for systematic and quantitative mapping of pseudouridines in RNA, (2020), Nucleic Acid Res., Sep. 25, Online ahead of print, Full text


Kristen, M., Plehn, J., Marchand, V., Friedland, K., Motorin, Y., Helm, M., Werner, S., Manganese Ions Individually Alter the Reverse Transcription Signature of Modified Ribonucleosides., (2020), Genes (Basel), Aug. 18, 11(8):950, Full text