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Werner, S., Schmidt, L., Marchand, V., Kemmer, T., Falschlunger, C., Sednev, M.V., Bec, G., Ennifar, E., Höbartner, C., Micura, R., Motorin, Y., Hildebrandt A., Helm, M., Machine Learning of reverse transcription signatures of variegated polymerases allows mapping and discrimination of methylated purines in limited transcriptomes, (2020), Nucleic Acids Res., Feb. 25, Epub ahead of print, Full text


Meyer, B., Immer, C., Kaiser, S., Sharma, S., Yang, J., Watzinger, P., Weiß, L., Kotter, A., Helm, M., Seitz, H.M., Kötter, P., Kellner, S., Entian, K.D., Wöhnert, J., Identification of the 3-amino-3-carboxypropyl (acp) transferase enzyme responsible for acp3U formation at position 47 in Escherichia coli tRNAs., (2020), Nucleic Acids Res., Febr. 20, 48(3):1435-1450, Full text