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Schwickert, M., Fischer, T.R., Zimmermann, R.A., Hoba, S.N., Meidner, J.L., Weber, M., Weber, M., Stark, M.M., Koch, J., Jung, N., Kersten, C., Windbergs, M., Lyko, F., Helm, M., Schirmeister, T., Discovery of Inhibitors of DNA Methyltransferase 2, an Epitranscriptomic Modulator and Potential Target for Cancer Treatment, (2022), J Med Chem., Jul. 18, Online ahead of print, Full text

Pichot, F., Marchand V., Helm, M., Motorin Y., Machine learning algorithm for precise prediction of 2'-O-methylation (Nm) sites from experimental RiboMethSeq datasets, (2022), Methods., Jul, 203:311-321, Full text