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Weber, C., Voigt, M., Simon, J., Danner, A.K., Frey, H., Mailänder, V., Helm, M., Morsbach, S., Landfester, K., Functionalization of Liposomes with Hydrophilic Polymers Results in Macrophage Uptake Independent of the Protein Corona., (2019), Biomacromolecules., Aug. 12, 20(8):2989-2999, Full text

Carter, J.M., Emmett, W., Mozos, I.R., Kotter, A., Helm, M., Ule, J., Hussain, S., 'FICC-Seq: a method for enzyme-specified profiling of methyl-5-uridine in cellular RNA, (2019), Nucleic Acid Res., Jul. 30, Epub aheadof print , Full text