International and national research programs

Participation in national and international research programs

  • Speaker of the DFG-Project GRK 826 (Trace Analysis of Elemental Species: Development of Methods and Applications)
  • Coordinator of the EU-Project NUCVOC (Nucleation Processes from Oxidation of Biogenic
    Volatile Organic Compounds, 7 partners)
  • Coordinator of the EU-Project OSOA (Origin and Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosols,
    12 partnersr)

as well as PI in externally funded national and international research programs

  • BMBF (national) - Cycles of Tropospheric Trace Constituents
  • BMBF (national) - Aerosol Research Program (AFS)
  • BMBF (national) - Tropospheric Research Program (TFS)
  • EU-Project BIOFOR (Biogenic Aerosol Formation in the Boreal Forest)
  • EU-Project PARFORCE (Particle Formation in the Coastal Environment)
  • BMBF (national) Atmospheric Research 2000 (AFO 2000 / ECHO)
  • EU-Project QUEST (Quantification of Aerosol Nucleation in the European Boundary Layer)
  • EU-Project EUCAARI (European Integrated Project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interactions) (2007 - 2010) Website EUCAARI
  • EU-Project POLYSOA (Polymers in Secondary Organic Aerosols) (2005 - 2007)
    Website POLYSOA