Varying chiral ratio of pinic acid enantiomers above the Amazon rainforest
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Strong particle production and condensational growth in the upper troposphere sustained by biogenic VOCs from the canopy of the Amazon Basin
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Analysis of organic aerosol markers and chiral compounds in an ice core from the Siberian Altai using UHPLC-HRMS
Schäfer, J.; Burgay, F.; Singer, T.; Schwikowski, M.; Hoffmann, T.
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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in speleothems
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Rapid gas measurements in volcanic plumes with UAVs: online and offline measurements of various trace gases with light UAVs
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Linked fire activity and climate whiplash in California during the early Holocene
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Resurrecting lost forests – speleothems inform on environmental changes in northern Scotland during MIS 5e
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