Mann, Moritz

since 07/2011
08/2010 - 05/2011

02/2008 - 06/2008

10/2004 - 05/2011

PhD student
Diploma thesis in Prof. Dr. Hoffmann´s group at the
JGU Mainz
Erasmus-semester in Prof. Dr. de la Guardia´s group at
Universitat de València
Studies in chemistry at the JGU Mainz
Abitur in Mainz

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Development of an online quantification method for gaseous Amines via Aerosol Mass Spectrometry

Atmospheric aerosols strongly influence earth’s climate due to direct effects such as scattering, reflection and absorption of sunlight, as well as indirect effects like their influence on cloud formation. Low-weight aliphatic amines are considered to participate in the formation of thermodynamic stable clusters and therefore might play an important role in atmospheric nucleation processes.

The Time-of-Flight-Aerosol-Mass-Spectrometer (ToF-AMS) of Aerodyne Research Inc. has the ability to measure particles’ diameter, mass and chemical composition in real time. The inlet system of the ToF-AMS separates the particle phase of the gas phase, thereby a strong enrichment of particles is achieved. Selective trapping of trace gases in particles allows to detect and quantify these trace gases at very low concentrations. This system was developed in our research group and is called GTRAP-AMS (Gaseous compound TRapping in Artificially-generated Particles – Aerosol Mass Spectrometry).

The ToF-AMS is used for the first time to quantify gaseous dimethylamine, trimethylamine, diethylamine and triethylamine. An atomizer is used to generate aerosol particles, which selectively take up Amines. So the previous gaseous analyte can now be measured by the AMS. This new system was already employed in first chamber experiments, where the amine emission of plants was measured (Chenopodium vulvaria L. and Mercurialis annua). The system is currently characterized more accurately and optimized. Further chamber experiments are planned, as well as alterations of the system to make other target analytes available.

Research interests

Organic trace compounds in atmosphere’s gas and particle phase, online measurements of gases and particles, mass spectrometry